Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such a lot That Her Humans Bought One only for Her

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such a lot That

Lazuli and her sister Lapis were only tiny kittens once they were first adopted by their forever family. Soon then, it became clear to Lazuli’s family that she’s absolutely hooked in to sinks.

Lazuli spends most of her days hanging call at any sink she will find round the house. Her obsession became clear to her parents eventually, in order that they came up with an excellent idea: Lazuli definitely deserves her own sink.

In addition to her own sink, Lazuli and Lapis have their own room within the house and that is where their parents decided to place her new sink. They went straight to home depot, and after browsing through a few of sinks they finally settled on one that they thought Lazuli would love the foremost and purchased it.

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such

“She kept sneaking into the bathrooms as we were leaving them to relax in sinks and then would yell for help when she realized she was stuck in there without the rest of her pack/pride,” Brennan, Lazuli’s dad told The Dodo.

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such

“It was only like 30 bucks which isn’t really much more than most cat trees and toys, so it was worth it,” Brennan said. “It’s not even heavy like you would think so it was easy to set up for her.”

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such
The happiness on Lazuli’s face was quite clear once the sink was ready up and presented to her.

“She’s essentially saying … ‘Really?! My own sink just for me,’” Brennan said.

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such

Lazuli now loves hanging call at her own sink every chance she gets. Luckily for her, her cat siblings aren’t that into sinks so nobody ever bothers her.

Sink-Obsessed Cat Loves Sinks such

“It’s quite popular in the summer, but only with Lazuli,” Brennan said. “The other cats don’t seem to care about it.”



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