About Us


Thatcat.fun was founded within the summer of 2019 and has become a documented brand throughout the social media world.

Our goal is straightforward, The Thatcat team gathers the good, weirdest, funniest, smartest inventions Cats on the earth, and puts it beat one place for your entertainment!

We source the most cost-effective places you’ll buy these products from and check out our greatest to accumulate further discounts just for our fans once they undergo our more info buttons. We are an affiliate based company so we do get commissions on the items you purchase through us, this helps pay our overheads and staff to continue bringing you Thatcat

Thatcat has already expanded across many social networks gaining large followings and that we hope to continue going from strength to strength!

If you’d wish to get in-tuned with ThatCat head on over to the Contact Page and send us an email