38 Funny Cat GIFs, Because Your Feline Is Not The Only One That Acts That Way


Why do we own cats? It’s not because we love cleaning up hairballs, scooping litter boxes, and having our feet attacked. It’s because they provide love, comfort, and some of the funniest unexpected antics we’ve ever seen. Happily, thanks to modern technology, many of these moments have been captured on video and turned into funny cat GIFs that we can all relate to.

Do a search for good cat GIFs (come on, you know you want to), and you’ll find an endless supply of cute, wry, or downright side-splitting examples. Sometimes, it’s just the cat’s expression that says it all: surprised, supremely bored, or thoroughly ticked-off. Other GIFs capture kittens doing acrobatics (and, sometimes, their imperfect landings), or cats bravely fighting off such adversaries as dogs, chickens, and feather toys. I personally love the unexpectedly sweet cat GIFs that show our feline friends snuggling with babies, giving a kneading massage to a littermate, or just contentedly enjoying a snooze (even if it is in a pumpkin). Since we’ve all seen our cats doing similar stunts, watching these mini-videos brings the thrill of recognition as well as the realization: OMG, other people’s cats do that, too?

These cat GIFs are some of the best examples of the genre, and they’re barely scratching the surface of all that’s out there. Watch, enjoy, and be sure to share them in your next social media post.

Oh Nooooooo


Even our cats can’t bear the thought that it’s Monday again.


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