22 Of The Cutest Quarantine Cats That Will Make Your Boring Day Better

Nothing is more boring than being stuck to your couch for the past 8 hours. You thought it would be a good chance to doing something different as you get to work from home. Nope, it’s just another boring day for you who don’t have a pet.But meanwhile, those who own cats have a much different day. They get to snuggle with their fluffy friend the whole day, relieving stress just by looking at them. Only then do they realize their cats were always prepared for being quarantined. People have been uploading pictures and videos of how their cats cope with this new habit.Needless to say, Greenlemon is just in love with this list.

1. Little bro bought him a set of ties so he looks professional during online meetings on webcam.


2. A stray cat got bored with social-distancing and had kittens in the dog’s crate in our garage.


3. In case you need something happy today, here are two #quarantinecats on a very important conference call.


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